My name is Viktória Vályi, I lifestyle-and dietary consultant and fitness instructor. Ever since I was a kid, I struggled with keeping my weight under control. At the age of 6-7, my weight started to incrase. That seemed unstoppable at the time, and I didn’t think sport and a healthy diet could help.

I believe that everyone can achieve the shape they desire, regardless of genetics.

At the age of 13, I was 95 kilogramms, then I started experimenting with lifestyle changes with more or less success. Slowly I realized that instead of making big commitments, small but consistent changes bring me more spectacular results. I got new ideas for this more sustainable, livable diet and exercise when I moved to Denmark at the age of 19. The Scandinavian pattern, in terms of both eating and sports, was a different, more inspiring, more enjoyable approach than the ones I met before, and the results spoke for themselves. Encouraged by this, I decided to start helping more people in the same skin as me.

Most people can’t follow extremes in the long run, and the truth is that even if you can lose a few pounds temporarily, that doesn’t mean that your cravings for food will stop. That is why I have developed a diet where you do not have to ignore the finest food (obviously there are always a few exceptions).
Healthy eating is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. I experimented with different diet methods until I was able to develop a sustainable, lifelong diet. For me, the goal is not to achieve a bodybuilding body shape, but to have a sustainable, healthy form that you are comfortable with and that makes you feel pretty.

My goal is to encourage you to make a sustainable lifestyle in small changes. If you are persistent, these steps will go from routine to time, and you will discover the joy of keeping your shape in control.